School's In! Emotions are High!!

Updated: Jan 15

School has begun. Whether you are a parent or a student, there can be an increase of emotions surrounding us! What is your favorite way to de-stress? Yoga? Ice cream? Going on a walk? Watching TV? Clean your house? Read? Emotional Processing?

I know I have had my fair share of emotional ups and downs so far, and it's been a pretty easy transition for me this year, except I start a new part-time job tomorrow! I'm so grateful for the principles I've learned going to the Institute of Healing Arts! I'm grateful for processing and the freedom it brings to my life. I was lucky enough to have a process this past week that has helped me recognize some beliefs I have developed over the years. I was able to release the emotions attached to that belief and see myself a bit more clearly. It's nice to unburden myself of those emotions--mine and those of others I was carrying.

It's interesting how contagious our emotions are. If we wake up in a bad mood, we tend to snap at our loved ones and the dominoes fall. Or when your child is anxious about going to school and is a bit resistant in the morning or has a bad day and comes home sad or grumpy? Pretty soon everyone is a bit grumpy! Often our kids don't want to talk about it. In the Children's Workshop at IHA, we teach the kids to color out their emotions. We have them let the feelings travel from their heart through their arm to the crayon and out on the paper. Scribbling, even for adults, is a good release! Next time you are angry or frustrated, or even sad, try it! Have your kids try it!

Have a happy day!


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