Going on 3 months of COVID-19 disruption!

How are you doing with social distancing? I took my granddaughters to equine therapy this week. They opened up with some restrictions. It's been great for the girls to get back into horses. Their instruction said that she doesn't like the term "social distancing" because we are still being social. It's physical distancing. It felt like reframing that helped! Many parts of the country are opening back up a bit and relaxing distancing expectations. One thing I have noticed in our little neighborhood, we live on the edge of a circle and there are a few kids that live here that have started playing a bit in yards. It seems like the kids are having a bit of a hard time reintegrating back into positive interactions. They are struggling with sharing, tattling, getting along. They have been separated for quite a while and have to get used to associations outside siblings. There is a lot of expanded "sibling rivalry" going on!! So, for those of you who aren't at that social level yet, be warned, it's a transition!

I think it's the same for adults. I've noticed more frustration, less tolerance. Some of the places of business that have been slammed during this time (Home Depot, for instance is crazy busy and the employees are super stressed!) are busy, stressful, full of impatience and rudeness. Can we look around and notice what is going on and be kind? We are all a bit stressed and frazzled. But we are still capable of looking beyond ourselves to the condition of others and give them the benefit of the doubt. We all need some self-care. What can you do for yourself or set up for your significant other or your kids? It might be running through the sprinklers, an obstacle course--for your kids or all of you. Maybe a self-created spa day--pull out that heating pad, soak your feet in a hot bucket of epsom salts and water. listen to some calming music or uplifting podcast. Find something to feed your soul. Send something fun to a family member or neighbor, even a note or gift card or order them some cookies. Some self- love and service will go a long way to helping us feel a sense of normal. We can't expect ourselves to be able to do everything we used to, but doing something is good.

I think we will be creating a "new normal" when this all settled down. That new normal can be amazing!!

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